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The Method of drug addiction and alcoholism cure

Drug addiction and alcoholism cure according to Dovzhenko's method consists in introduction of a code that completely removes an inclination to drug or alcohol, forbids both the use of alcohol and drug substances for the term established by the patient.
During a session with the help of the suggestion, hypnotherapy, physical manipulations in the patient's brain the doctor forms a steady center of excitation (such as "the awake center " according to the doctrine of the academician Pavlov I. P.). This center suppresses the painful centers causing drug addiction or alcoholism.
The given technique is one of most effective, and thousands patients, who came back to high-grade life after years of drug addiction or alcoholism, prove this. The method is tested in Kharkov Research institute of neurology and psychiatry and in Moscow Research institute of psychiatry. In 1984 it was recommended by the USSR Ministry of Public Health Services for wide introduction in the medical practice of drug addiction and alcoholism cure. The copyright certificate #1165392 of the State Ministry of the Inventions protects the method.
The high efficiency of Dovzhenko's method of drug addiction and alcoholism cure is widely supported not only in ex-USSR, but also abroad (particulary, in Germany). As a result of treatment - 90% positive results in a case of alcoholism and smoking and 75 % in case of drug addiction are marked.
The founder of the method of drug addiction and alcoholism cure is the degree psychiatrist, psychiatrist-narcologist, hypnologist Alexandr Romanovich Dovzhenko (1918 - 1995). The majority of his patients stopped drinking and using the drugs and became high-grade citizens of a society. It's an outstanding efficiency in the world practice of alcoholism and drug addiction cure. Now unique successor and follower of this method is his son Roman Alexandrovich Dovzhenko - doctor - narcologist, psychiatrist, the chief of the medical center "ROMIRA". During four years of the existence of "ROMIRA" center R. A. Dovzhenko has returned to useful healthy life over 12 thousand people who were considered to be lost for the society, has brought happiness and pleasure to many families.
Dovzhenko's method of drug addiction and alcoholism cure is very economic. It does not require from a patient to stay in a hospital, leave their family and job. Moreover, it excludes the use of any medicine. Dovzhenko treats by a word. R. A. Dovzhenko excellently owns the gift of suggestion. All his patients passionately prove it.
There were patients in Dovzhenko's practice who didn't know Russian (Finns, Italians). The treatment was carried out with the help of the interpreters. The efficiency of treatment has not decreased.

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Conversations with the doctor

Doctor R. A. Dovzhenko tells.

- How do I cure drinkers, drug addict and tobacco smokers? By hypnosis! During the session of hypnotherapy I pawn in your brain anti-alcohol, anti-drug mental code.
My method of treatment is the fastest in the world. Independently on the stage of illness, I cure for two - three hours.
Two or three hours - and a human being becomes completely healthy. Nobody in the world cured alcoholism and drug addict in so deadlines before.
My method of treatment is the most harmless - I don't use medicines.
My method is the most humane, most natural. You choose terms of complete abstention from the use of drugs and alcohol yourself!
During the hypnotherapy session the restoration of the lost force of will takes place. I return your force of will to you.
After the session of treatment you'll be free from the inclination to drug or alcohol!

The answers to the frequently asked questions.

Question: Are there any requirements to the patient before treatment?
The answer:
The first and basic condition - firm desire of the patient to become free from inclination to drug or alcohol, to finish with drinking or drugs forever. If the patient has come only to concede to the urgent requests of his family or requirements of his boss, not having internal desire to recover, - we can't expect any success.
The second condition - complete abstention from alcohol and not less than 10 days, and in case of drug addict to not accept drugs 20-25 days up to a session. Only after the specified days of abstention a patient is completely released from action of alcohol (drug) and the nervous crates of a brain become able to accept the mental code. If this condition is broken and a patient nevertheless comes to the treatment, the code can not be established and the treatment will appear inefficient.
The third condition - do not accept any anti-alcohol medicines within 15-20 days in a case of alcoholism and calming medicines within 20-25 days in a case of drug addict. The patient even in such small term should check up itself. If someone from the patients will not execute these three conditions, it is necessary to refuse coding and transfer it to the future, or generally refuse from this method of treatment.

Question: what are the terms of coding?
The answer:
A patient establishes
the term of coding himself.

Question: What can happen to a patient, if he disturbs an interdiction and nevertheless use alcohol or will accept a drug after the treatment?
The answer:
Consequences of infringement of an interdiction are extremely dangerous: the strong palpitation, difficulty of breath, can be lost the consciousness and if not render the urgent help, the patient can be lost from sharp intimate weakness, infringement brain blood circulation or from other reasons.

Ask your question to R.A.Dovzhenko!

If you wish to ask any question to the doctor - you are welcome! R.A.Dovzhenko is waiting for your letter. Everything is anonymously!

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If you have decided to try Dovzhenko's method method of tretment for drug addict or alcoholism - send us this form-application, or send your letter to feodosia@chat.ru

After we receive your application you would be invited to the "ROMIRA" Medical Center in Feodosia, Ukraine. All the paculiarities would be given to you in our response letter. When you arrive to the Ukraine, our guide would meet and escort you to the Medical Center.

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